Circulating Rumor PSG Dragged UEFA? This is the reason

psg vs uefa

Circulating Rumor PSG Dragged UEFA? This is the reason – Since 5 seasons ago the name of the club from the French capital city paris saint germain (PSG) did appear to be a club with equal power real Madrid and Barcelona. This rich club is transformed from the usual club is now a club that has many world-class stars in it. The latest one is bringing in superstar from brasil neymar junior with the most expensive transfer niali in the world that would not be able to be defeated by other clubs like real Madrid.

The value of the transfer is somewhat fantastic that makes the European soccer federation UEFA need to give a firm rule on the transfer value of football club in each season. Because if there is no rule then the value of a footballer’s transfer can be immeasurable value such transfer neymar. And will lead to a gap between rich and un-rich clubs. This will also create unfairness for club clubs with little financial. Because rich teams will be able to afford a great player who will be able to support the club’s performance in the league whereas small clubs will only be able to buy just ordinary players.

PSG is currently under threat of being dropped by UEFA if it does not sell its 8 players in this month. The point is not to wait for the winter transfer market. Because if not immediately sell eight players then PSG will not be able to perform again in European champions league 2017/2018 season this time.

PSG proved to have violated the financial fairplay that has been launched by UEFA to protect the club under the auspices of UEFA for the transfer value can be controlled. From UEFA’s decision then PSG must sell at least 8 players so as not to get sanctioned from UEFA. PSG boss also moved quickly by instructing his men to immediately sell players who are interested in other clubs quickly. Please note if the 8 players to be sold in total must be 11-12 with the transfer value neymar.

6 names of players who are likely to be sold are angel di maria, Javier pastore, Julian draxler, lucas moura, thiago sylva, and ben arfa. For 2 PSG players have been sold since last summer’s transfer of blaise matuidi and serge aurier. and This is the reason about Circulating Rumor PSG Dragged UEFA.