Don’t imitate, List of ex-alcohol-addicted football players

Don’t imitate, List of ex-alcohol-addicted football players

Don’t imitate, List of ex-alcohol-addicted football players – Got a brilliant karer, lots of money and always surrounded by women – beautiful women may be what can describe the lives of the world’s top football players, because the glamorous life is not infrequently there are some players who fall into drunks and even alcohol addicted alcohol so destroying the football ball that has been built in a long time.

Well here’s a list of star players in his time who tried to get out of alcohol shackles:

1. Tony Adam

In the 80s Tony adam was the best player owned by the Arsenal club. However, because of his dependence on alcohol made Tony Adam face some troubling problems, in 1990 Adam had to be jailed for four years for his negligence in driving drunk.

2. Ladislao Kubala

Has a successful karer as a top player and also as a prominent coach is inversely related to Ladislao kubala’s private life outside the green field. Kubala is one of those people who are very aggravated because of their dependence on alcohol.  and because it karer kubala so destroyed and his name became ugly.

Ladislao Kubala

3. Socrates

The best player of the Brazilian national team does have a remarkable career and the envy of other ynag players, but because of his addiction to Alcohol make this man who was born on 19 February suffered a severe illness and had to undergo a series of oprasi for liver transplantation.

4. George Best

Joining the great Menchester club united to make the best of George’s uphill runs and success, George Best played as an attacking midfielder who was able to donate 181 goals, but his success seemed to have plunged him into a glamorous life where George could not withstand his fondness for alcohol and women .

George Best

Just like Socrates, the former MU top player also underwent a series of liver transplant surgeries in 2002. However, because it can not be separated from bad habits mengkoughumsi alcohol George Best eventually died in 2005.