Really Joachim Low Resigns from German Coach Chairs?

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Really Joachim Low Resigns from German Coach Chairs? The German defeat of south korea in the phase-setting stage seemed to make the coach Joachim Low sad and decide the unexpected. Earlier this american-born quirky coach has also predicted that the defending world cup champion 2014 squad will be a little difficult in Russia.

In the group phase through which Germany, they are only able to defeat swedish, while the opponents of Japan and Mexico they have to bite the finger so that now the troop der panzer must lift the suitcase early. Actually the opportunity to qualify for open knockout round when South Korean opponent because the panser team has collected 3 points. but due to 2 goals from son heung and kim-young make the care team Joachim Low must be willing to leave Russia before the game in Russia is completed.

Really Joachim Low Resigns from German Coach Chairs?

With this incident, of course the hard work of Joachim Low as Germany coach became the worst history for his country since 1938 for not passing to the next phase. When asked by the reporter agen resmi piala dunia 2018, Joachim Low still has not given his future certainty because the condition is still fresh and he needs to think about the next step. As a great coach, this handsome man is also not evasive and looking for reasons not to escape Germany to the knockout phase in the 2018 world cup.

With this German failure, swedish and mexico managed to escape dramatically. Especially mexico who had to wait for the German game against Korean. No wonder now the citizens of Mexico mengelu elukan south korea for playing sportsman and able to dismiss the chances of Germany to qualify for the next round.

Germany’s weakness in this world russia cup due to cooperation and appearance that is less good. Not as usual because this country is more famous with the rulers of competition and tournaments. Perhaps now the underdog team, because besides Germany, big teams like Italy also do not even qualify.