Craze, 3 PSG attackers are more productive

neymar cavani mbappe

Craze, 3 PSG attackers are more productive – Paris saint germain 2017/2018 season shows his teeth in the football arena of europe and the world. where in a few months they have recruited star players from a big club. First there is dani alves from juventus, neymar from Barcelona and now the latest is kylian mbappe borrowed from as Monaco with permanent option at the end of season with price number 2 most expensive after neymar with 180 million euro. Some players with fantastic value that did not make money PSG boss run out. It could be that next year they buy some star players back to strengthen the squad.

The target of this season for PSG is to win the French league and champions league. Despite the weight however it is their main target of the season. Now coach and PSG boss can be a little smile because some pertadingan in french league PSG never lost and always win. The latest is they mengahnburkan bottom team French league metz with a score of 5 – 1 diandangnya. PSG 4 goals scored by his expensive trident is mbappe, neymar and cavani 2 goals. One more goal is an own goal metz players who misunderstand the ball cross PSG players. With this victory makes PSG firmly peak league standings french.

The more compact trio PSG neymar, cavani and mbappe make PSG as a tough opponent in the European champions league champions this season. Their target is the champions league, so the PSG attack line must have a high instinct to break down the opponent’s net. And this has been proven by 3 main PSG attackers. Neymar and mbappe have almost the same task that is breaking up the opponent’s defense against the wing and penetration to the middle. While cavani as a pure spearhead whose job is to take advantage of the smallest opportunity created by mbappe or neymar.

Until the match yesterday the three were quite compact to manjalankan strategy. But we are waiting for the instinct of the three PSG attackers in the champions league game, whether they are able to show such brilliant performance in the french league. We’ll see in the middle of this week.