The Sad Story of Neymar Before He Became Famous and Successful

The Sad Story of Neymar Before He Became Famous and Successful – The most expensive player in the world today is not Cristiano Ronaldo anymore. Transfer record has been broken by neymar junior. Neymar bought Paris saint germain from the previous club fc Barcelona with a transfer value of 222 million euros. Far 2 times the price of Cristiano Ronaldo when brought Real Madrid from Manchester united.

Neymar also has a fairly expensive salary for a modern footballer today. Salary neymar 30 million euros per year. What a fantastic salary from neymar that makes himself and his family is now included into the richest footballer in the world. And neymar also often appear in parties held by friends in Brazil and in paris.

Neymar’s wealth today is not due to coincidence but from his hard work in football practice to make it as successful as it is now. But keep in mind if neymar junior in the childhood is classified in poor families and live within the limitations. Neymar junior has football blood from his father. His father was also a professional footballer in one of the brasil clubs called uniao fc. But his father’s career in football not so long because his father had to retire early due to an accident that he experienced. His father then worked odd jobs either as a coolie or driver to earn a living for his family.

Since childhood neymar has been taught how to play ball by his father. That’s why even though he did not go to school in favorite schools or seeds, but because of his neymar playing skills able to boast his parents. Since the age of 10 years neymar jr. join the portuguesa santista club. Neymar went to school with a scholarship because of his football talent.

Then since the age of 12 years he joined the big club brasil santos fc. Since with santos neymar managed to develop his talent and several times get an award from the association football brasil as the best young footballer of Brazil. Now neymar has a career with paris saint germain club. Neymar has a dream that has not materialized that won the FIFA Player of the year or the title of the world’s best players. And he moved to PSG to realize his dream.

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