Palestinian players posture is feared by Evan Dimas in asian games

Palestinian players posture is feared by Evan Dimas in asian games – After the struggle for Indonesia U-23 by beating China Taiping with a score of 4-0 in the 2018 Asian Games, to coincide on Sunday which was dated August 12, 2018.
And the Garuda team must prepare themselves immediately, to entertain their next opponent, Palestine, which will be held on August 15, 2018 at the Candrabhaga Patriot Stadium, bekasi.
From the available data, Palestine is a strong enough team and the Indonesian U-23 national team must work hard to defeat this team in the pass through the face group. If Indonesia can defeat Palestine this time, it is likely that they will not be burdened by strong enemies other than their enemies this time.
Based on the words conveyed by Evan Dimas, the Palestinian team is a very tough team that is hard to beat by us, and we are still optimistic that it can destroy this wall, the problem is actually about the difference between the Indonesian and Palestinian team’s posture.

Palestinian players posture is feared by Evan Dimas in asian games
Evan Dimas, too, gave direction to his colleagues so that they could not cause errors when playing a match against Palestine, this must be done to ensure victory and also overcome the differences in posture between the two teams.
“It is likely that our coach knows how to overcome this problem, but in my opinion, personally, we have to play as thoroughly and reduce errors as the match goes” that was what Evan Dimas Darmono once said.
That is the reason for the former Indonesian Under-19 kapaten, so that all players know that not to be satisfied quickly, after defeating China in the first match. That is because the victory in the first match cannot be potential, so that a team can advance forward better. It is better for the Indonesian U-23 national team to be able to focus on future matches and be able to qualify for the group phase as well as possible.
“We are very happy with this victory but for myself, we have to be more consistent in order to maintain our game well in the future. And this time we have to prepare ourselves to defeat Palestine in the next match, because the team is the strongest in Group A during the 2018 Asian Games event. “Evan said this word.


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