Barcelona Starts Preparing for Possible Leave Andres Iniesta

barcelona dan andreas iniesta

Barcelona Starts Preparing for Possible Leave Andres Iniesta – The latest news comes from midfield midfielder andreas iniesta, until now he has yet to sign a new contract with Barcelona. Andres Iniesta contract will end at the end of this season with FC Barcelona. Since the start of the season Barcelona management has been handing out a new contract to Iniesta for the next 2 years, but the player has not put his signature on his latest contract paper.

The age of andres iniesta is currently 33 years old. Andres Iniesta has spent his professional career with FC Barcelona since 2001. He is an original alumnus of the FC Barcelona academy and has dedicated many titles during his playing for Barcelona. Starting from Spanish league titles, European champions league and also champions between clubs of the world.

Not yet the latest contract signature even indicate if andres Iniesta will not strengthen fc Barcelona next season. Because many clubs are hearing news if andres Iniesta has not renewed his contract. The club will soon bid for Barcelona to be able to redeem it before the summer transfer window closes. One of them is inter Milan and Manchester city. Both clubs immediately move quickly about bringing Iniesta to their respective clubs.

For inter Milan, the figure of Iniesta will greatly help the inter Milan midfield who is ambitious to win the Serie A this season. And for Manchester city the role of Iniesta will be very important in order to co-ordinate the players in the midfield of the citizen and also pep guardiola is eager to reunite with his former son. If true Iniesta choose to join the citizen then Manchester city will become the English club with the scent of Barcelona, ​​because the mega star lionel messi also being tempted city management to want to move to Manchester city.

What keeps Andres Iniesta from renewing his contract with Barcelona is also unknown, but there are rumors that if Ernesto valverde’s arrival is something that will keep the player from renewing his contract again. The arrival of new coach valverde does make the Barcelona midfield seem less optimal in every game that is lived, because valverde often mengotak espol skuat bercelona but not maximum results.

4 Manchester United Coverage Players at the End of Transfer Ship 2017


4 Manchester United Coverage Players at the End of Transfer Ship 2017 – Welcome to our new blog, we will share about a target or a target MU before the transfer window closes in 2017. And here are four names who will soon join in Satanic red camp.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan ibrahimovic is rumored to be signing a contract with United before the end of August at the close of the transfer market this summer. The hebram healing was faster than the previous doctor’s target.


The coach jose mourinho hope that ibra can soon join because this season MU target to become champion and need the figure of ibra as a coating of rumelu lukaku.

2. Julian draxler

German national team striker is now biased so MU target. Because of his position has been threatened in PSG after the arrival of neymar and kylian mbappe. He will often dibangku reserve in PSG. MU’s interest in management interest in the young striker needs to be considered, as Manchester United will need 1 front man to navigate the competition a lot this season.

Julian draxler

And the offer of 32 million euros is certainly no problem for the red devils. Draxler has good air ball skills, he can play as a striker, second striker or winger.

3. Ivan perisic

From the end of the season to the beginning of this new season jose mourinho not willing to give up to get the signature ivan perisic from inter milan. Ivan Perisic is the main target of mourinho to strengthen the position of Manchester United winger. But inter milan gives bandrol price 48 million euros and while man. United still gives its bid of 39 million euros.

Ivan perisic

It seems still have not met the right price for MU and inter milan. Actually MU could have memnuhi bid price dibandrol inter Milan, but all still negotiated between the two club officials. Jose Mourinho believes Perisic will be official before the summer transfer window closes.

4. Lemar

If indeed perisic still difficult, then the red devil will bring in US players Monaco Lemar. But the price will be issued MU will be greater than perisic.


Bandrol price lemar amounted to 60 million euros. This alternative is taken if until the end of ivan perisic has not confirmed its move to MU. Lemar also has good quality. He also ushered in US Monaco Ligue 1 championship last season.