Barcelona is still dependent on Lionel messi, how about next season?

Barcelona is still dependent on Lionel messi, how about next season? Lionel messi has yet to sign his new contract with FC barcelona. He is reluctant to sign the contract if his wishes are not met by the barcelona management. Before this summer’s stock closed messi wanted his compatriot in Argentina national team that angel di maria to be brought to camp nou and join with fc barcelona.

It is not an easy matter to bring angel in maria from his club paris saint germain. Because the winger player will also be priced at an expensive price. But that’s the player who wants to be brought in by the superstar barcelona. If not then certainly barcelona will not be able to sign lionel messi.

After the departure of PSG neymar keklub French, barcelona like limp and barca game was not as entertaining as there is still neymar in barcelona. But barcelona moved quickly and brought ousmane dembele from borussia dortmund to fill the vacancy of neymar position. But dembele has not been tested in game with barcelona since just joined this week. In the end is the figure of lionel messilah who became the barcelona support today to score against the opponent’s opponent. Lionel messi is very big influence after neymar.

If a long injury messi sure this season barcelona will not be able to compete real madrid competed Spanish league this season. Last season was indeed an injured messi and neymar suarez duet able to cover the hole left by messi.

Barcelona bartomeu’s president said he would be ready to bring in the players the mega lionel messi wanted. By obeying the request of messi bartomeu hope the performance of the player will also increase and also positive impact into the body of barcelona team. Since the departure of neymar, the messi lionel is moody and somewhat sensitive about the transfer market of barcelona.

Messi assess the transfer market barcelona this season is not good. Barcelona sells neymar but waste money by buying players that are not necessarily compatible with barca. If coutinho did not want to move from liverpool, messi also hope barca management does not need long. Because there are still many players other than coutinho are worth playing for barcelona.

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