Endless Problems Always Hit Real Madrid in This Season

Endless Problems Always Hit Real Madrid in This Season – Casemiro once said that Real Madrid did not need to find a replacement for Christiano Ronaldo, because the team that is still strong enough to win all the events. In addition, the departure of CR7 to Juventus is not a reason for Los Blancos to lose.

Real Madrid have recorded a bad game for this team when they lost to Atletico Madrid with a score of 2-4, in the UEFA Super Cup. This is their first prestigious match this season, this happened when Christiano Ronaldo lost.

Endless Problems Always Hit Real Madrid in This Season

“Surely we really want Christiano Ronaldo to stay here, but he has decided to leave Real Madrid. And we welcome this, for now CR7 is the past for Los Blancos, but now is the time for young players to show their fangs. “That’s what Casemiro said.

“At the moment we cannot talk about a lot of things about Ronaldo, now we are quite shocked because Christiano Ronaldo, we really want him to play together with us at Real Madrid.”

“It’s true that we have the disappointment of having lost our first trophy, but this is a new start for this team. We strongly believe in our coach and now Real Madrid will be heading for a new era. Casemiro also said that the defeat against Atletico does not have to bring in new players, but we have to change the form of Real Madrid now to win the trophy in the remaining events.

“With one result created it does not mean we are strong or weak, for those who are responsible with the Club will do their job well. In addition they have to decide whether Los Blancos now needs new players or not. The decision was in the club’s officials. “Additional words from Casemiro
Until now Real Madrid has not decided to look for a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo, because CR7 itself is the most important player in Los Blancos. But that is not a problem, because the team still has a lot of stock for their star players.