Because Japan lost, Rabiot burned alive, Who is He?

Japan lost

Because Japan lost, Rabiot burned alive, Who is He? The miserable and sad event is not only experienced by japanese players while losing dramatically with belgium in the final eight. But there is one more who must feel the bad luck because the samurai team must go home in the round of 16 large, namely Rabiot.

Rabiot is a viral octopus in Japan is able to predict the Japanese national team in the 2018 world cup. This started when Japan opponents polish. According to the prediction of this marine animal, japan will win against her poll. But the reality is different bandar sbobet terpercaya, the Japanese blue team even lost 1-0 despite still passing to the last 16.

Because Japan lost, Rabiot burned alive, Who is He?

Because of his mistake, the rabbi now has to be roasted and cooked by renowned chef in Japan, Kimio Abe. Actually the reason the chef cooks rabiot not because of annoyance, but the octopus in his restaurant needs stock of octopus again so the animal that had viral this must end his life at the table, hehehe there – there aja ya.

It also raises the pros cons in some Japanese social media. There are angry and deplore the actions of the chef but not a few who justify the action abe. In fact there are some people who are willing to queue to feel the taste of octopus octopus.

Animals Forecasters of the world cup is not only just this once heard, even in the 2010 World Cup there is a paul name is more excited because the prediction is almost 90% accurate. But he died not because of cook you know, but died alone. Let’s see what other interesting things in the world cup 2018 russia this time, whether there are other animals that can predict the final or appear something strange and viral again. Keep your updates updated only on our blog.