Cristiano Ronaldo is not the mainstay of Real Madrid next season

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the mainstay of Real Madrid next season

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the mainstay of Real Madrid next season – Spanish league giants Real Madrid last season able to win the Spanish league and stop the domination of Barcelona who has always won the league since the previous 3 seasons. Real Madrid are also successful to win the European champions league last season by beating the club serie A juventus in the final game.

In this season real Madrid as winning champions league champions last season is certainly want to defend champions league title. Real Madrid themselves this season joined into Group H which contains Borussian Dortmund, Tottenham Hotspur and APOEL. On paper competition in group H will be easy to pass by Madrid.

In the inaugural champions league champions this season Real Madrid beat APoel in barnebeu with a score of 3-0 and the second game beat Dortmund with a score of 1-3. In these 2 games CR7 has scored 4 goals. Comebacknya after sentenced to 5 matches should not appear in the domestic league CR7 has not lost its goal scoring instinct.

Until now indeed the figure of Ronaldo still be the main support of Real Madrid to break down the opponent’s goal. Since joining the real Madrid in 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo is irreplaceable. He has always been the top scorer of the club’s origin of the Spanish capital. And thanks to his achievements CR7 has also won 3 times the world’s best players since joining Real Madrid.

But next season it seems the fate of CR7 will start to be determined. The reason Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane stated if next season will not force Ronaldo to stay with Real Madrid. Zidane stated that CR7 next season will have a fairly mature age and if Ronaldo will retire in real Madrid or leave to another club for him taka da problem because now real Madrid has a new flagship young player that is marco asensio. Players who continue to target Barcelona is rumored to not be sold to any club and Real Madrid will fence the player so as not to move to another club.

Because assensio is a real Madrid star in the future. Real is more willingly CR7 who has gone senior from Madrid rather than asensio in the coming season. thats why Cristiano Ronaldo is not the mainstay of Real Madrid next season.

Circulating Rumor PSG Dragged UEFA? This is the reason

psg vs uefa

Circulating Rumor PSG Dragged UEFA? This is the reason – Since 5 seasons ago the name of the club from the French capital city paris saint germain (PSG) did appear to be a club with equal power real Madrid and Barcelona. This rich club is transformed from the usual club is now a club that has many world-class stars in it. The latest one is bringing in superstar from brasil neymar junior with the most expensive transfer niali in the world that would not be able to be defeated by other clubs like real Madrid.

The value of the transfer is somewhat fantastic that makes the European soccer federation UEFA need to give a firm rule on the transfer value of football club in each season. Because if there is no rule then the value of a footballer’s transfer can be immeasurable value such transfer neymar. And will lead to a gap between rich and un-rich clubs. This will also create unfairness for club clubs with little financial. Because rich teams will be able to afford a great player who will be able to support the club’s performance in the league whereas small clubs will only be able to buy just ordinary players.

PSG is currently under threat of being dropped by UEFA if it does not sell its 8 players in this month. The point is not to wait for the winter transfer market. Because if not immediately sell eight players then PSG will not be able to perform again in European champions league 2017/2018 season this time.

PSG proved to have violated the financial fairplay that has been launched by UEFA to protect the club under the auspices of UEFA for the transfer value can be controlled. From UEFA’s decision then PSG must sell at least 8 players so as not to get sanctioned from UEFA. PSG boss also moved quickly by instructing his men to immediately sell players who are interested in other clubs quickly. Please note if the 8 players to be sold in total must be 11-12 with the transfer value neymar.

6 names of players who are likely to be sold are angel di maria, Javier pastore, Julian draxler, lucas moura, thiago sylva, and ben arfa. For 2 PSG players have been sold since last summer’s transfer of blaise matuidi and serge aurier. and This is the reason about Circulating Rumor PSG Dragged UEFA.

Craze, 3 PSG attackers are more productive

neymar cavani mbappe

Craze, 3 PSG attackers are more productive – Paris saint germain 2017/2018 season shows his teeth in the football arena of europe and the world. where in a few months they have recruited star players from a big club. First there is dani alves from juventus, neymar from Barcelona and now the latest is kylian mbappe borrowed from as Monaco with permanent option at the end of season with price number 2 most expensive after neymar with 180 million euro. Some players with fantastic value that did not make money PSG boss run out. It could be that next year they buy some star players back to strengthen the squad.

The target of this season for PSG is to win the French league and champions league. Despite the weight however it is their main target of the season. Now coach and PSG boss can be a little smile because some pertadingan in french league PSG never lost and always win. The latest is they mengahnburkan bottom team French league metz with a score of 5 – 1 diandangnya. PSG 4 goals scored by his expensive trident is mbappe, neymar and cavani 2 goals. One more goal is an own goal metz players who misunderstand the ball cross PSG players. With this victory makes PSG firmly peak league standings french.

The more compact trio PSG neymar, cavani and mbappe make PSG as a tough opponent in the European champions league champions this season. Their target is the champions league, so the PSG attack line must have a high instinct to break down the opponent’s net. And this has been proven by 3 main PSG attackers. Neymar and mbappe have almost the same task that is breaking up the opponent’s defense against the wing and penetration to the middle. While cavani as a pure spearhead whose job is to take advantage of the smallest opportunity created by mbappe or neymar.

Until the match yesterday the three were quite compact to manjalankan strategy. But we are waiting for the instinct of the three PSG attackers in the champions league game, whether they are able to show such brilliant performance in the french league. We’ll see in the middle of this week.

Most expensive footballer in league 1 gojek traveloka

Marcos Flores

Most expensive footballer in league 1 gojek traveloka – there are a great player in indonesian league and they have more money for a season. check this out

1. Ezechiel N’Douassel (Chad / Persib) Rp 10.1 billion. This player is bought freely for free after the club’s old hapoel tel aviv not renew his contract. And persib buy it with a fairly high price, but the quality is in accordance with the price.

Ezechiel N'Douassel

2. Michael Essien (Ghana / Persib). Rp. 6.2 billion. Former Chelsea star player, ac Milan and Real Madrid is now anchored in club persib bandung. Big name essien the world stars also make league 1 gojek traveloka also increasingly taken into account at the level of asia and always be the spotlight in europe.

3. Peter Odemwingie (Nigeria / Madura United), Rp. 6.2 billion. Former stoke city player was purchased Madura united at the beginning of the 2017 season. Until mid-season peter has shown the quality in accordance with the purchase price. He became the top scorer until the half of the league season 1 gojek traveloka.

Peter Odemwingie

4. Marcos Flores (Argentina / Bali United) Rp 7.8 billion. Midfielder who has played in Persib last season has a fantastic price. He is the second most expensive player in league 1 gojek traveloka this season. With the game unali bali can continue in the top 3 to date.

Marcos Flores

5. Mohamed Sissoko (Mali / Mitra Kukar), Rp. 6.2 billion. Former juventus players are imported management of exchange partners to strengthen the dragon midfield team mekes. His arrival also gave the team a stronger exchange partner in the midfield.

6. Juan Pablo Pino (Colombia / Arema FC), Rp. 6.2 billion. A former playmaker of the US Monaco player is very interesting, because he spelled once reinforced the Colombian national team in 2010 in the world cup south africa. He is falcao’s teammate and James Rodrigues. The pride of the arema has Pino’s classmates.

7. Sylvano Comvalius (Netherlands / Bali United) Rp 6.2 billion. This sharp striker is now a top scorer while league 1 with 25 goals. He was unstoppable if given the ball in front of goal. He is also the former Malta league’s top scorer in 2010 with 15 goals.

Sylvano Comvalius

8. Stefano lilipaly (Indonesia / bali United) Rp. 6.2 billion. The most expensive player of Indonesia national team has a special record before he purchased bali united. He had almost led his club last season promotion to the Dutch league’s highest division, but saying his club at that time sc sc should lose the game play off. And he also led the Indonesian national team to runner up AFF CUP 2016.

Don’t imitate, List of ex-alcohol-addicted football players

Don’t imitate, List of ex-alcohol-addicted football players

Don’t imitate, List of ex-alcohol-addicted football players – Got a brilliant karer, lots of money and always surrounded by women – beautiful women may be what can describe the lives of the world’s top football players, because the glamorous life is not infrequently there are some players who fall into drunks and even alcohol addicted alcohol so destroying the football ball that has been built in a long time.

Well here’s a list of star players in his time who tried to get out of alcohol shackles:

1. Tony Adam

In the 80s Tony adam was the best player owned by the Arsenal club. However, because of his dependence on alcohol made Tony Adam face some troubling problems, in 1990 Adam had to be jailed for four years for his negligence in driving drunk.

2. Ladislao Kubala

Has a successful karer as a top player and also as a prominent coach is inversely related to Ladislao kubala’s private life outside the green field. Kubala is one of those people who are very aggravated because of their dependence on alcohol.  and because it karer kubala so destroyed and his name became ugly.

Ladislao Kubala

3. Socrates

The best player of the Brazilian national team does have a remarkable career and the envy of other ynag players, but because of his addiction to Alcohol make this man who was born on 19 February suffered a severe illness and had to undergo a series of oprasi for liver transplantation.

4. George Best

Joining the great Menchester club united to make the best of George’s uphill runs and success, George Best played as an attacking midfielder who was able to donate 181 goals, but his success seemed to have plunged him into a glamorous life where George could not withstand his fondness for alcohol and women .

George Best

Just like Socrates, the former MU top player also underwent a series of liver transplant surgeries in 2002. However, because it can not be separated from bad habits mengkoughumsi alcohol George Best eventually died in 2005.

Barcelona is still dependent on Lionel messi, how about next season?

messi dan antonella

Barcelona is still dependent on Lionel messi, how about next season? Lionel messi has yet to sign his new contract with FC barcelona. He is reluctant to sign the contract if his wishes are not met by the barcelona management. Before this summer’s stock closed messi wanted his compatriot in Argentina national team that angel di maria to be brought to camp nou and join with fc barcelona.

It is not an easy matter to bring angel in maria from his club paris saint germain. Because the winger player will also be priced at an expensive price. But that’s the player who wants to be brought in by the superstar barcelona. If not then certainly barcelona will not be able to sign lionel messi.

After the departure of PSG neymar keklub French, barcelona like limp and barca game was not as entertaining as there is still neymar in barcelona. But barcelona moved quickly and brought ousmane dembele from borussia dortmund to fill the vacancy of neymar position. But dembele has not been tested in game with barcelona since just joined this week. In the end is the figure of lionel messilah who became the barcelona support today to score against the opponent’s opponent. Lionel messi is very big influence after neymar.

If a long injury messi sure this season barcelona will not be able to compete real madrid competed Spanish league this season. Last season was indeed an injured messi and neymar suarez duet able to cover the hole left by messi.

Barcelona bartomeu’s president said he would be ready to bring in the players the mega lionel messi wanted. By obeying the request of messi bartomeu hope the performance of the player will also increase and also positive impact into the body of barcelona team. Since the departure of neymar, the messi lionel is moody and somewhat sensitive about the transfer market of barcelona.

Messi assess the transfer market barcelona this season is not good. Barcelona sells neymar but waste money by buying players that are not necessarily compatible with barca. If coutinho did not want to move from liverpool, messi also hope barca management does not need long. Because there are still many players other than coutinho are worth playing for barcelona.