Endless Problems Always Hit Real Madrid in This Season

Endless Problems Always Hit Real Madrid in This Season – Casemiro once said that Real Madrid did not need to find a replacement for Christiano Ronaldo, because the team that is still strong enough to win all the events. In addition, the departure of CR7 to Juventus is not a reason for Los Blancos to lose.

Real Madrid have recorded a bad game for this team when they lost to Atletico Madrid with a score of 2-4, in the UEFA Super Cup. This is their first prestigious match this season, this happened when Christiano Ronaldo lost.

Endless Problems Always Hit Real Madrid in This Season

“Surely we really want Christiano Ronaldo to stay here, but he has decided to leave Real Madrid. And we welcome this, for now CR7 is the past for Los Blancos, but now is the time for young players to show their fangs. “That’s what Casemiro said.

“At the moment we cannot talk about a lot of things about Ronaldo, now we are quite shocked because Christiano Ronaldo, we really want him to play together with us at Real Madrid.”

“It’s true that we have the disappointment of having lost our first trophy, but this is a new start for this team. We strongly believe in our coach and now Real Madrid will be heading for a new era. Casemiro also said that the defeat against Atletico does not have to bring in new players, but we have to change the form of Real Madrid now to win the trophy in the remaining events.

“With one result created it does not mean we are strong or weak, for those who are responsible with the Club will do their job well. In addition they have to decide whether Los Blancos now needs new players or not. The decision was in the club’s officials. “Additional words from Casemiro
Until now Real Madrid has not decided to look for a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo, because CR7 itself is the most important player in Los Blancos. But that is not a problem, because the team still has a lot of stock for their star players.

Indonesian Player’s Strengths Must Be Exemplified by Everyone

Indonesian Player’s Strengths Must Be Exemplified by Everyone – The Indonesian Under-23 national team will still compete again after passing the Group phase, later they will face a strong enough enemy namely the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the round of 16.

The match will be played at Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang, Bekasi Regency on August 24, 2018. One of the U-23 Indonesian national team players, Saddil Ramdani, once said that he would not be exposed to the deception of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

We remember that Garuda had experienced a rather unpleasant feeling when facing Palestine. At that time they did something quite amazing by pretending to be injured.

Indonesian Player's Strengths

“It’s true that football is full of deceit, let’s just forgive. Whatever happens we will always compete vigorously. “That’s what Saddil said AGNSBOBET.ORG.

This time the Indonesia U-23 national team will continue its journey to the last 16 of the 2018 Asian Games in the men’s soccer branch. By earning 9 points in the group phase, they finally passed the Indonesian National Under-23 Team by becoming group winners.

Of the 4 matches played in the match in group A in the 2018 Asian Games, and Saddil only played 3 times. But, Saddil is a very tough midfielder and he became one of the players relied on by Luis Milla.

Saddil also once said that he never felt disappointed, because he was always asked by the coach to become a reserve player. And he also promised that he would do his job well. Besides that the player from Persela lamongan, has been recorded as one of the Indonesian U-23 national team players that is most needed in this game.

“I always hope to be able to get goals and play as well as possible. But whoever will play in this match, I will continue to support them with all their energy and continue to fight for the team. Because the game of football does not depend on one player, but all the inhabitants of a group numbering eleven on the field. “That is the saying of Saddil.

Palestinian players posture is feared by Evan Dimas in asian games

Palestinian players posture is feared by Evan Dimas in asian games – After the struggle for Indonesia U-23 by beating China Taiping with a score of 4-0 in the 2018 Asian Games, to coincide on Sunday which was dated August 12, 2018.
And the Garuda team must prepare themselves immediately, to entertain their next opponent, Palestine, which will be held on August 15, 2018 at the Candrabhaga Patriot Stadium, bekasi.
From the available data, Palestine is a strong enough team and the Indonesian U-23 national team must work hard to defeat this team in the pass through the face group. If Indonesia can defeat Palestine this time, it is likely that they will not be burdened by strong enemies other than their enemies this time.
Based on the words conveyed by Evan Dimas, the Palestinian team is a very tough team that is hard to beat by us, and we are still optimistic that it can destroy this wall, the problem is actually about the difference between the Indonesian and Palestinian team’s posture.

Palestinian players posture is feared by Evan Dimas in asian games
Evan Dimas, too, gave direction to his colleagues so that they could not cause errors when playing a match against Palestine, this must be done to ensure victory and also overcome the differences in posture between the two teams.
“It is likely that our coach knows how to overcome this problem, but in my opinion, personally, we have to play as thoroughly and reduce errors as the match goes” that was what Evan Dimas Darmono once said.
That is the reason for the former Indonesian Under-19 kapaten, so that all players know that not to be satisfied quickly, after defeating China in the first match. That is because the victory in the first match cannot be potential, so that a team can advance forward better. It is better for the Indonesian U-23 national team to be able to focus on future matches and be able to qualify for the group phase as well as possible.
“We are very happy with this victory but for myself, we have to be more consistent in order to maintain our game well in the future. And this time we have to prepare ourselves to defeat Palestine in the next match, because the team is the strongest in Group A during the 2018 Asian Games event. “Evan said this word.


Because Japan lost, Rabiot burned alive, Who is He?

Japan lost

Because Japan lost, Rabiot burned alive, Who is He? The miserable and sad event is not only experienced by japanese players while losing dramatically with belgium in the final eight. But there is one more who must feel the bad luck because the samurai team must go home in the round of 16 large, namely Rabiot.

Rabiot is a viral octopus in Japan is able to predict the Japanese national team in the 2018 world cup. This started when Japan opponents polish. According to the prediction of this marine animal, japan will win against her poll. But the reality is different bandar sbobet terpercaya, the Japanese blue team even lost 1-0 despite still passing to the last 16.

Because Japan lost, Rabiot burned alive, Who is He?

Because of his mistake, the rabbi now has to be roasted and cooked by renowned chef in Japan, Kimio Abe. Actually the reason the chef cooks rabiot not because of annoyance, but the octopus in his restaurant needs stock of octopus again so the animal that had viral this must end his life at the table, hehehe there – there aja ya.

It also raises the pros cons in some Japanese social media. There are angry and deplore the actions of the chef but not a few who justify the action abe. In fact there are some people who are willing to queue to feel the taste of octopus octopus.

Animals Forecasters of the world cup is not only just this once heard, even in the 2010 World Cup there is a paul name is more excited because the prediction is almost 90% accurate. But he died not because of cook you know, but died alone. Let’s see what other interesting things in the world cup 2018 russia this time, whether there are other animals that can predict the final or appear something strange and viral again. Keep your updates updated only on our blog.

Really Joachim Low Resigns from German Coach Chairs?

psg vs uefa

Really Joachim Low Resigns from German Coach Chairs? The German defeat of south korea in the phase-setting stage seemed to make the coach Joachim Low sad and decide the unexpected. Earlier this american-born quirky coach has also predicted that the defending world cup champion 2014 squad will be a little difficult in Russia.

In the group phase through which Germany, they are only able to defeat swedish, while the opponents of Japan and Mexico they have to bite the finger so that now the troop der panzer must lift the suitcase early. Actually the opportunity to qualify for open knockout round when South Korean opponent because the panser team has collected 3 points. but due to 2 goals from son heung and kim-young make the care team Joachim Low must be willing to leave Russia before the game in Russia is completed.

Really Joachim Low Resigns from German Coach Chairs?

With this incident, of course the hard work of Joachim Low as Germany coach became the worst history for his country since 1938 for not passing to the next phase. When asked by the reporter agen resmi piala dunia 2018, Joachim Low still has not given his future certainty because the condition is still fresh and he needs to think about the next step. As a great coach, this handsome man is also not evasive and looking for reasons not to escape Germany to the knockout phase in the 2018 world cup.

With this German failure, swedish and mexico managed to escape dramatically. Especially mexico who had to wait for the German game against Korean. No wonder now the citizens of Mexico mengelu elukan south korea for playing sportsman and able to dismiss the chances of Germany to qualify for the next round.

Germany’s weakness in this world russia cup due to cooperation and appearance that is less good. Not as usual because this country is more famous with the rulers of competition and tournaments. Perhaps now the underdog team, because besides Germany, big teams like Italy also do not even qualify.

Chelsea and Manchester United Have a Striking Striker in the Champions League

Chelsea and Manchester United Have a Striking Striker in the Champions League

Chelsea and Manchester United Have a Striking Striker in the Champions League – In advanced machday to 2 European champions league which brings 2 English teams against Spanish league team and also russia league. Namely between athletico Madrid against the blues of Chelsea and cska moskow against Manchester united on Thursday early morning hrs. The second game that must be faced by Chelsea and MU is indeed to be won, because for the opportunity to qualify for the round of 16 more quickly achieved. The target to go straight to the next round is Chelsea and MU must be able to gain 10 points in 6 matches in the league group champions this time round.

In the 2nd round group match that brings Spanish clubs athletico Madrid and the Chelsea blues athletico finally have to recognize the benefits of the Chelsea blues 1 – 2 even though athletico play at home. Gol chlesea was scored by alvaro morata and mitchy batsuayi, while an atletico goal was scored by Antoine griezman. In other contests that bring together Russian racer CSkA Moskow against English Premier League club Manchester united should end with Manchester United victory with a landslide score of 1 – 4. Although cska moskow to host, but apparently unable to offset the Manchester united game. MU goals scored by injured 2 goals, martial and mkhitariyan. Goal cska in print by kuchaev in the final minute of the second half.

Of both matches, the strikers both Chelsea and Manchester united able to show tajinya by scoring a goal in that crucial game. Morata and mitchy batsuayi for chlesea, my wound and martial for manchester United. Even my injury creates 2 goals against cska moskow. Can be spelled out both mine and mangiata have shown the quality as an expensive striker who deserves to be bought by both big clubs English league is.

Lukaku and morata also contributed his goal in the English Premier League. But for the Premier League morata still scored two goals and injured 5 goals from 4 matches talh undertaken MU and chlesea. Now in the European stage both show how thirsty goal of these two young striker.

The Sad Story of Neymar Before He Became Famous and Successful

The Sad Story of Neymar Before He Became Famous and Successful

The Sad Story of Neymar Before He Became Famous and Successful – The most expensive player in the world today is not Cristiano Ronaldo anymore. Transfer record has been broken by neymar junior. Neymar bought Paris saint germain from the previous club fc Barcelona with a transfer value of 222 million euros. Far 2 times the price of Cristiano Ronaldo when brought Real Madrid from Manchester united.

Neymar also has a fairly expensive salary for a modern footballer today. Salary neymar 30 million euros per year. What a fantastic salary from neymar that makes himself and his family is now included into the richest footballer in the world. And neymar also often appear in parties held by friends in Brazil and in paris.

Neymar’s wealth today is not due to coincidence but from his hard work in football practice to make it as successful as it is now. But keep in mind if neymar junior in the childhood is classified in poor families and live within the limitations. Neymar junior has football blood from his father. His father was also a professional footballer in one of the brasil clubs called uniao fc. But his father’s career in football not so long because his father had to retire early due to an accident that he experienced. His father then worked odd jobs either as a coolie or driver to earn a living for his family.

Since childhood neymar has been taught how to play ball by his father. That’s why even though he did not go to school in favorite schools or seeds, but because of his neymar playing skills able to boast his parents. Since the age of 10 years neymar jr. join the portuguesa santista club. Neymar went to school with a scholarship because of his football talent.

Then since the age of 12 years he joined the big club brasil santos fc. Since with santos neymar managed to develop his talent and several times get an award from the association football brasil as the best young footballer of Brazil. Now neymar has a career with paris saint germain club. Neymar has a dream that has not materialized that won the FIFA Player of the year or the title of the world’s best players. And he moved to PSG to realize his dream.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the mainstay of Real Madrid next season

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the mainstay of Real Madrid next season

Cristiano Ronaldo is not the mainstay of Real Madrid next season – Spanish league giants Real Madrid last season able to win the Spanish league and stop the domination of Barcelona who has always won the league since the previous 3 seasons. Real Madrid are also successful to win the European champions league last season by beating the club serie A juventus in the final game.

In this season real Madrid as winning champions league champions last season is certainly want to defend champions league title. Real Madrid themselves this season joined into Group H which contains Borussian Dortmund, Tottenham Hotspur and APOEL. On paper competition in group H will be easy to pass by Madrid.

In the inaugural champions league champions this season Real Madrid beat APoel in barnebeu with a score of 3-0 and the second game beat Dortmund with a score of 1-3. In these 2 games CR7 has scored 4 goals. Comebacknya after sentenced to 5 matches should not appear in the domestic league CR7 has not lost its goal scoring instinct.

Until now indeed the figure of Ronaldo still be the main support of Real Madrid to break down the opponent’s goal. Since joining the real Madrid in 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo is irreplaceable. He has always been the top scorer of the club’s origin of the Spanish capital. And thanks to his achievements CR7 has also won 3 times the world’s best players since joining Real Madrid.

But next season it seems the fate of CR7 will start to be determined. The reason Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane stated if next season will not force Ronaldo to stay with Real Madrid. Zidane stated that CR7 next season will have a fairly mature age and if Ronaldo will retire in real Madrid or leave to another club for him taka da problem because now real Madrid has a new flagship young player that is marco asensio. Players who continue to target Barcelona is rumored to not be sold to any club and Real Madrid will fence the player so as not to move to another club.

Because assensio is a real Madrid star in the future. Real is more willingly CR7 who has gone senior from Madrid rather than asensio in the coming season. thats why Cristiano Ronaldo is not the mainstay of Real Madrid next season.